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Yuzu & Co at Park rd Milton since last decade is fast becoming a hotbed of Brisbane dining, with their skillful and delicious signature dishes. Yuzu & Co is a small but lively eatery that specializes in contemporary Japanese eats as well as some more inventive fare. Chef Kuldeep Singh has worked in many top-flight Japanese restaurants and has drawn on his experience when crafting the menu. Fans of Japanese cuisine will have plenty to gorge on at any given time, with classics such as sushi rolls, gyoza, and sashimi available for snacking.

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Wagyu truffle, Kingfish jalapeño, Popcorn shrimps, Salmon ikura, Sashimi tacos, Scallops ikura


Kingfish jalapeño

Popcorn shrimps

Salmon ikura

Sashimi tacos

Scallops ikura

Wagyu truffle

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